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Our services

We take pride in being able to offer the lowest prices in our local community, but there will be no compromise in service or quality. We ensure a dignified service guaranteed.


You can tailor every aspect of the funeral to make it as special as your loved one. Which means we can accommodate to your financial needs to create a service that will live in the memory forever.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for a free quote. 


Our Prices

Oak Veneer Gloss finish coffin                                           £720.00


Hanley Oak Veneer Paneled Coffin                                   £890.00


Solid Oak Coffins                                                                £1600.00


Oak Casket for Cremated Remains                                   £85.00


Hearse for Funeral                                                              £220.00


Limousine (Each)   seats 7 passengers                              £200.00


Estate Car (seats 4 passengers)                                          £120.00               

Removal from Home/Hospital (Normal Hours)                 £90.00


Removal from Home                  (Out of Hours)                 £155.00


Extra Fee for Saturday Funeral                                          £150.00


Professional Services                                                          £895.00 


Hygienic Treatment                                                            £165.00


Doctors Fee (Signing of Cremation Forms) Each             £82.00

Direct Cremations                                                              £1350.00


Cremation/Burial Fees

Crematorium Fee                £805.00

Committal only (9am)         £655.00


Saturday Crematorium

Fee                                      £1180.00

Swansea Crematorium

Crematorium Fee                 £1010.00

9am Crematorium Fee        £800.00


Saturday Crematorium

Fee                                      £1250.00

Sunday Cremation             £1500.00

Llanelli Crematorium

Crematorium Fee                 £617.00


Saturday  Crematorium

Fee                                        £963.00

Margam Crematorium

Morriston Cemetery Fees


New grave fee (depth for two)               £2240.00

                          (depth for three)            £2500.00

Woodland burial                                     £1360.00

Re-opening of grave from   £965.00 to £1450.00        


New cremated remains plot                  £850.00

Saturday Fees

New grave fee (depth for two)               £2760.00

                          (depth for three)               POA

Woodland burial at Oystermouth         £1735.00

New cremated remains plot                  £1225.00

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