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Direct Cremations

What are they?
A “Direct Cremation” is a simple cremation without a service: no funeral, just a cremation.
Less expensive than standard cremations, Direct Cremations usually take place outside of peak hours, when there is less demand at the crematorium.
This keeps costs low and allows the family to hold a memorial service later on if they want to.


What are the benefits of direct cremation?

It’s simple and straightforward. 

Direct cremations often appeal to those who would like to keep things simple for their family when they die. Having a cremation without a funeral means that the bereaved don’t have to make tough decisions about coffin type, flowers, transport, venues and guests right away – or ever.

It costs less. 

Direct Cremation prices are usually less than half of that of a traditional cremation. This makes it a good option if you’re on a budget, or if you’re not able to cover the full cost right away.

It gives you more time to arrange the memorial service. 

Most funerals take place in the first few weeks after a death, but this time can be chaotic and overwhelming. With a direct cremation, families can postpone the memorial service until they’re ready.

Our Total cost for this service is £1350.00, this is fully inclusive and covers everything required, such as a coffin, removal from home or hospital, funeral directors  and  doctors fee's, there are no hidden extras. 

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